SeaHives provide refuges
for marine life where there
was none before.

About SeaHives Ltd

SeaHives are innovative structures that help create and restore marine ecosystems, provide shelter for commercially valuable fish and invertebrates, and are proven to increase the diversity and density of marine life.

Who We Are

SeaHives Ltd was established in 2017 by David Francis and Will Shakspeare, two men with a shared passion for nurturing and repairing the environment.

SeaHives are designed and manufactured in the UK, from recycled fishing nets and bottles to create hexagonal tubes using moulds and production facilities in England and Wales.

When several tubes are joined together they resemble honeycomb, that’s why they’re called SeaHives.

Why Choose SeaHives Ltd

  • Maximise variety of habitats for aquatic life.
  • Increase density and diversity of species.
  • Recycle fishing net and recovered beach material.
  • Demonstrate value of environmental intervention.
  • Enhance benefit of existing coastal structures.
  • Create ‘go to’ locations for marine tourism.

Get To Know The SeaHives Ltd Team

David Francis

Managing Director

David Francis has a degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography from Swansea University , and an MBA from Imperial College,…

What Our Clients Think

The current SeaHives Ltd product has strong merits and a clear USP focused on the use of recycled materials to benefit the marine environment. SeaHives Ltd has followed a logical development pathway with a focus on real world tests to both increase awareness of the product, prove its environmental credentials and bypass

Neil Farrington

Position | OREC

The Blue Economy is a regenerative practice. Understanding that the natural world is the foundation of assets upon which economies and societies rest. Regenerating the natural world is therefore a key consideration in all Blue Economy activities. Of course, that does not mean that physical development of infrastructure can not happen. It does mean that when physical infrastructure is required the impact on the natural world, the loss of bio diversity, the reduction in ecological resilience mu...

Jonathan Turner

Co-founder and Director | NLA International Ltd

Weymouth Harbour has a strategic vision of “Thriving Dorset harbours at the heart of our communities”. To achieve this, our goal is to work in partnership with our stakeholders and actively engage and support opportunities to enhance and protect the natural environment. The SeaHive project provides an opportunity to increase the diversity and density of marine life in the local area and support the local fishing industry. SeaHives use recycled fishing nets in their manu...

Jamie Joyce

Weymouth Harbour Master | Dorset Council

SeaHives Ltd