SeaHives suspended from
the Pleasure Pier by
stainless steel wires

Portland Marina

Portland marina, inner and outer pontoons.

Placement date
January 2024

Two SeaHives, each made from seven 1m tubes.


Funded by  Sea Life Centre, Weymouth .  Assembled and deployed by Portland and Weymouth Sea Cadets in Portland Marina.

Team building and education for Sea Cadets to participate in an environmental enhancement programme.  Research to identify local filter feeding species and provide refuge for juvenile fish and invertebrates.

Sea Life Centre  and Sea Cadets will monitor diversity and density of marine species living on and in the SeaHives. Images to be posted regularly.

Update 6th March 2024

The two SeaHives in the Portland Marina have started to develop a thick ‘BioFilm’ layer on their surfaces.  This will soon be replaced by sedentary animals like Sea Squirts and barnacles as they settle out of the plankton in the surrounding sea water over the next couple of months.

Update 6th March 2024

The  SeaHives are developing a layer of biifilm and algae after 3 months.  This will be consumed by herbivores…  snails and limpets  … that will soon settle out of the plankton.   

Images credited to: Kico and the Weymouth Sea Life Centre

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