Port Edgar marina,
East Scotland

Port Edgar marina, East Scotland

Sea Cadets pontoon, Port Edgar Marina, Scotland

Placement date
25 March 2023

Single SeaHive constructed from 7 x 1m HDPE tubes with stainless steel bands and chains..

1m from sea surface

The Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC)

The SeaHive was assembled in the Sea Cadets Port Edgar Boat Station by the Junior Sea Cadets as a team building exercise. It was then suspended from a pontoon in the Port Edgar marina as part of the broader Sea Cadet education programme to protect and enhance the marine environment.

Junior Sea Cadets worked really well as a team to assemble and deploy the SeaHive, and are looking forward to seeing and recording the marine life that decided to live in and on it, especially if this includes invasive species.

Photos Credited: Adam Ranklin

Update 9th June 2024

Over the past year the majority of the SeaHive surface has been covered by barnacles, but there were also a few sea anemones ( juvenile Metridium senile, the Plumose Anemone ) , crabs and one Scorpion fish. 

Caitlin Vinicombe
Caitlin Vinicombe
SeaHives Ltd