Poole Quay
Boat Haven,
South England

Poole Quay Boat Haven, South England

Office pontoon – Poole Quay Boat Haven, Poole, England.

Placement date
February 2023

7 x 1m HDPE tubes

1m below pontoon deck

Poole Harbour Commissioners

Increase the density and diversity of marine species, especially fish and molluscs

April 2023 SeaHive surfaces covered with algae


Observer: David Francis 
Date:  2 August 2023 
Time:  1245 hrs
Conditions:  Strong ebbing tidal flow.

The SeaHive suspended from the pontoon in the Poole Quay Boat Haven in February 2023 has been rapidly and thickly colonised by a variety of filter feeding animals, including Sea Squirts (Tunicates) and sponges.  These filter feeders help to remove organic material from the water, and provide refuge for crabs and prawns.  Many juvenile fish have also been seen in and around the SeaHive, including Bass and Mullet.  

Update 27 September 2023

SeaHive at PQBH on 27 September 2023. Credit: D Francis

Update 6th March 2024

The sea water around the PQBH was thick with silt brought down to the marina by the local river following recent heavy rain inland.  Sea Squirts had closed many of their entrance and exit funnels, and appeared to be covered with silt and organic debris.  The expectation is that the Sea Squirts will start to be replaced by mussels, oysters, sponges and barnacles later this year.

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