Isle of Mull,
West Scotland

Isle of Mull, West Scotland

Salmon cages in the sound to the north of the Ulva island, to the west of the Isle of Mull, Scotland

Placement date
October 2020

Two SeaHives, each 4 x 1m HDPE tubes + 3 x 0.5m HDPE tubes

8 to 10m in the salmon cage

The Scottish Salmon Company

Increase the survival, health and well being of cleaner fish ( Wrasse and Lumpfish ) by providing refuge and resting areas during the cold winter months, thereby increasing the number of cleaner fish available to remove Sea Lice from the salmon swimming around the SeaHive in the cage.

February 2021 Cleaner fish show positive attraction to SeaHive shelter in salmon cage. Wrasse seen inside SeaHive tubes, with Lump Fish on outer surface.

SeaHives Ltd